A touch of colour…

Been a bit gobsmacked by the Brexit (Britain leaving the EU) – a lot of economic uncertainty projected in the papers.  Being of Scottish descent, I agree with most of Scotland, that is they should’ve stayed in Europe -keep barriers down. But history moves on…

So I’ve started to incorporate a bit of colour into my cartoons. I think it’s an improvement, but will see. Here’s the first

And I’m half way through my latest song. I don’t think it’s my best, but it’s fun getting back into the swing of songwriting and arranging. And this is a song, as opposed to an instrumental, which I’ve mostly been doing lately. I only have a few more days in the month, so I’ll probably be a few days late.  It’s called ‘The Stars Align’.


Back in the swing of things…

And I’ve started blogging on Munhwa Experience now with my cartoons… It’s a nice to start a new resolution by hitting goals (my goals as stated in previous post).

But working on the song isn’t so easy… I’m waking up 40 minutes earlier trying to get some guitar practice in, because I’m just not functional after work, whereas I’m fresher and more creative in the morning. I won’t finish the song by the end of June, but it should be done by early July, and then I’ll do another song in July. That’s the plan.

And the screenplay – I’m waking up another 40 minutes earlier again to get some time for that. That means the old 5am rise and shine. It’s a revision of a previous screenplay I submitted to BLCKLST which reviews and rates screenplays. After reading the faults and criticisms (as well as praise) from the reviewer, I’ve endeavoured to do a major rewrite addressing the main issues, and they are fundamental issues. Will it be a great screenplay? Hard to say, but it’s a learning process. All about the learning…


Struggling Muso Reloaded…

So I had a crisis over the weekend that spurred me to make some decisions on goals. And I admit that it’s a little crazy to have these goals and make this decision -but if there’s a strong enough influence then I say the decision seems fine to me.

So what are my goals? Well, I have a few creative interests -none of which have lead to significant success as such yet, but conversely all of them have potential for opportunities as well as the simple satisfaction I gain in the achievements of my creative endeavours. And the goals are:

<> Music – one demo a month (under the name Donak RV)

<> Cartoons – one cartoon a week (as Munhwa Experience)

<> One screenplay a year (under my own name)

And my progress as well as other musings will be monitored via this blog with a post at least once a week. Yes, I’m bonkers, I should focus on one thing. But I’ve tried that in the past without reaping the desired results, so now I follow my muse.

And what was it that spurred my crisis? Well, I turned 43 three, accompanied by the usual symptoms of a mid-life crisis. I guess my strategy is to keep busy.


Shameless Plug: my book on iTunes looking at the music industry.

Shameless Plug No Words

I’ve just put a book up on iTunes which takes a satirical look at the DIY music industry. Here’s the book plug:

“Ever thought about making music your full time career? Or taking your band to the next level? Or seeking to break into the music biz? Edward Gobb, the fictional author of this book, may promise to have the keys to success or the secret formulae to make your dreams come true, but he’d be lying. However, if you can handle his uncompromising derisions and cynical remarks, you’re probably half way there!

Gobb’s Guide to Thinking you Actually have a Chance of Making it in the Music Industry is a satirical look at what it takes to make it in the competitive independent music business.”

Screen Shot of GGMI


End of a Blog…

Off Topic No Words

I’ve decided to ‘decommission’ this blog as I focus my efforts elsewhere. I’ll leave it up for maybe 6 months or a year, and then if the view stats are limp will mostly likely delete the whole blog. I know I could just keep it up, but in this world of so much white noise on the internet, it bothers me that I’m adding to it if there’s no purpose.

Regarding my music and demos, I may start something under my muso name ‘Donak RV’, though it could be just a Facebook page or something. At the moment I have a presence on Twitter and Soundcloud which I will continue for my demoes…


I will continue the ‘Struggling Muso’ cartoon series over at Munhwa Experience, and you can follow it under the Strugmo category (or at http://munhwaexperience.wordpress.com/category/struggling-muso/). Of course you can buy the book of the first two annals from this blog on iTunes.

MH3 Promo


Strugmo TA9



Mastered track…

Here it is, a song I got professionally mixed and mastered. But I won’t sell it, it’s available for download on Soundcloud -too much of a hassle to put up on iTunes and other sites, often requiring more payments and fees while I don’t expect many, if any, people to pay to download it.

The name’s from a screenplay I’m working on, I guess it’s like an accompaniment in my mind.