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Demo for November: ‘Blazing Skies’

So far I’ve held to my commitment: one song as a demo per month and one Munhwa Experience cartoon per week since going through my brief ‘mid-age crisis’. The latest demo is somewhat of a knee-jerk reaction to America’s election of Donald Trump and my fears for state of our planet -not just with global warming but general pollution problems.┬áPersonally, as an Australian, I’m also concerned about natural gas fracking and the damage it as on underwater reservoirs.

Anyways, he’s the song which I’ve uploaded on to Soundcloud and Reverbnation. I’ve written the lyrics below.

(Verse 1)
Once in a past time, I laughed and held your hand.
Once in an old world, we cared less.
Once many a day gone, we surfed a rising curve
Once many a day gone, we lived like kings.

(Bridge 1)
Now I see the wrinkles round your eyes as you just shrug your shoulders
Now we stoop and watch the streams go by

Don’t look back now Keep on moving closer
Towards the future that’s stopped smiling at us

(Verse 2)
In the halcyon days, we lived on borrowed time
In the halcyon days, we roamed the world

(Bridge 2)
Now those days are gone and I’m alone and your whole face is fading
Now there’s nothing left but memories

Don’t look back now Keep on moving closer
Towards the future that’s stopped smiling at us

(Bridge 3)
Now we’re treading washed up waters sliding down a downward curve
Now we feel the heat from blazing skies


Shameless Plug: Munhwa Experience on iTunes

Here’s one for the demo, since I regularly put a demo up of my songs.

Strugmo Music Demonstration



By the way, I now have a sample of my cartoons, most of which are from my Munhwa Experience blog, but the muso-related ones are from this blog. It’s called ‘Cartoon Freebies’ because it’s free! ┬áLater on I’ll put some cheap collections of my cartoons up on iTunes but right now feel free to get this sample…
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