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muso starts to blog

My first entry. Not very dramatic… But my purpose is actually mainly to motivate myself with my songwriting and recording by updating my progress, frustrations, break-throughs, problems and any technical stuff that may be interesting to the world out there.  Will see how it goes…

To give a brief history, I’ve written many songs and now I’m in the process of making some demos of what I consider the best songs I’ve written. Using my SIAB -‘Studio in a Box’ I record tracks of acoustic guitar, electric guitar and vocals. The next step is to take the recorded audio files to a friend (who I’ll name KIS) for mixing, adding affects and mastering…

 So, currently I have an instrumental number called ‘Warriors’. It was meant to be mixed and mastered today but my friend KIS postponed it (for the second time!) and I have to wait until next week.

 Meanwhile, I’m working on a second song called ‘Cherry Sky’,  and I plan to record that next week if time permits. The main deal for me before recording is to have the song down well enough so I don’t keep making mistakes during the recording process. Nothing worse than having to take a thousand takes because you haven’t practiced the difficult part of the song enough.