Back in the swing of things…

And I’ve started blogging on Munhwa Experience now with my cartoons… It’s a nice to start a new resolution by hitting goals (my goals as stated in previous post).

But working on the song isn’t so easy… I’m waking up 40 minutes earlier trying to get some guitar practice in, because I’m just not functional after work, whereas I’m fresher and more creative in the morning. I won’t finish the song by the end of June, but it should be done by early July, and then I’ll do another song in July. That’s the plan.

And the screenplay – I’m waking up another 40 minutes earlier again to get some time for that. That means the old 5am rise and shine. It’s a revision of a previous screenplay I submitted to BLCKLST which reviews and rates screenplays. After reading the faults and criticisms (as well as praise) from the reviewer, I’ve endeavoured to do a major rewrite addressing the main issues, and they are fundamental issues. Will it be a great screenplay? Hard to say, but it’s a learning process. All about the learning…


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