Struggling Muso Reloaded…

So I had a crisis over the weekend that spurred me to make some decisions on goals. And I admit that it’s a little crazy to have these goals and make this decision -but if there’s a strong enough influence then I say the decision seems fine to me.

So what are my goals? Well, I have a few creative interests -none of which have lead to significant success as such yet, but conversely all of them have potential for opportunities as well as the simple satisfaction I gain in the achievements of my creative endeavours. And the goals are:

<> Music – one demo a month (under the name Donak RV)

<> Cartoons – one cartoon a week (as Munhwa Experience)

<> One screenplay a year (under my own name)

And my progress as well as other musings will be monitored via this blog with a post at least once a week. Yes, I’m bonkers, I should focus on one thing. But I’ve tried that in the past without reaping the desired results, so now I follow my muse.

And what was it that spurred my crisis? Well, I turned 43 three, accompanied by the usual symptoms of a mid-life crisis. I guess my strategy is to keep busy.


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