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Aussie Politics: don’t think I’ll vote for labor next election

Off topic:

I might vote for Peter Garret in the next Aussie election if he’s part of  a different party, like the greens. In fact, I might just vote for the greens. The liberals, only if they’re sincere about the problem of the environment. I’m disillusioned with the Australian Labor party -it doesn’t seem like they’re run by the voters but rather the power brokers and the fat cats they represent.

I’m not even going to bother following Gillard in the papers -I’m happy for her as first female PM of Australia, but it seems like she’s there because the powers that be allow her to be, I don’t care what rhetoric comes from the papers. The GST wasn’t popular, it affected all Australians, yet we couldn’t change our national leader because it was unpopular. The resources tax affects one industry and the PM is dropped unceremoniously.

I do agree Kevin Rudd should’ve been more willing to compromise, but I don’t think the national leader should be dumped because factional leaders and industrialists don’t find his policies unpopular.