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Back in Japan

So I’ve been back in Saitama for a month now on the next EFL teaching assignment. It’s interesting to see another part of Japan, but it’s still in the Kanto region and I think I prefer the Yokohama suburbs than the sticks of Saitama. Kakio, where I lived in Saitama, was a little more cosmopolitan, Starbucks was a stone-throw away and my flat was nested in nice scenic hills. Where I am in Saitama is flatter and a little more bland, but I did get some nice photos of Cherry Blossoms.


As for music, I’m working on another Psalm to music project on Garageband, will see how it goes.








Saw Grimes last night in Taipei

Up for inspection by jfingas
Up for inspection, a photo by jfingas on Flickr.

When I was in Japan last year a Canadian friend was raving about Grimes and how excited he was about getting tickets. I was dubious, but since I’m in Taipei for a month and I missed out on tickets for one of my favourite bands, (Tizzy Bac), I decided to go and see Grimes.

I wasn’t disappointed. Even if you’re not a hardcore fan, Grimes gives a great performance putting heart and soul into her show and she’s a great singer.

I did have her main album, so I know many of the tracks and there was a great vibe in the audience. In a way it felt like she is a spokesperson for today’s digital natives.

Another plus: it’s all electronic so I didn’t feel the need to wear ear plugs like I do at most rock concerts, (especially when the drummer goes ape on the crash/ride etc…).


Feb 2013 Update: In Taiwan

So I’m in Taiwan, having a bit of a holiday with my Mun, who likes to check out the jade markets and visit the museums and art galleries. She’ll soon head back to Australia, but I’ll stay a bit longer, brushing up on my Mandarin before I head back to work in Japan as an EFL teacher.

Sadly, I’m guitarless at the moment, but may by a cheap axe in the land of the rising sun, so in the meantime I’ll play around with more electronic sounds via Reaper and Garageband.

I have some photos on the following sites:


This Korean band reminds me of Architecture in Helsinki (

The 'Spill

sakura 1She Says:

This week we want to share some cool tunes with you ! ! ! There is so much more to the Korean music scene than just Gangham Style and K-pop and in this post we want to share some of the Korean Indie bands we have been listening to recently.  It is cool, relaxed and chilled post this week, but we hope you will like it!!!

Mr P-1He Says:

So it’s not just Gangnam Style after all ! I confess that I know little about Korea and even less about it’s music scene. I have, however, tracked down some fine music over the last couple of years and thought you might like to hear what’s going down in downtown Seoul. No K-pop this time, just good old “indie” stuff that’s full of charm.

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Round up of Japanese indie music that impressed me…


Zazen Boys




Merry Christmas

…from the Struggling Muso


Ups and downs of Reaper…

I’m still negotiating the complexities of Reaper (audio software). I’ve come up with some primitive electronic tunes through Reaper’s midi capability and some cheap plugs -hope to put it up some day when it’s presentatable.

Since I’m in Japan I’m lacking my bass and acoustic guitar, so the focus is mainly on electronic music at the moment.