This Korean band reminds me of Architecture in Helsinki (http://www.architectureinhelsinki.com/)

The 'Spill

sakura 1She Says:

This week we want to share some cool tunes with you ! ! ! There is so much more to the Korean music scene than just Gangham Style and K-pop and in this post we want to share some of the Korean Indie bands we have been listening to recently.  It is cool, relaxed and chilled post this week, but we hope you will like it!!!

Mr P-1He Says:

So it’s not just Gangnam Style after all ! I confess that I know little about Korea and even less about it’s music scene. I have, however, tracked down some fine music over the last couple of years and thought you might like to hear what’s going down in downtown Seoul. No K-pop this time, just good old “indie” stuff that’s full of charm.

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