Saw Grimes last night in Taipei

Up for inspection by jfingas
Up for inspection, a photo by jfingas on Flickr.

When I was in Japan last year a Canadian friend was raving about Grimes and how excited he was about getting tickets. I was dubious, but since I’m in Taipei for a month and I missed out on tickets for one of my favourite bands, (Tizzy Bac), I decided to go and see Grimes.

I wasn’t disappointed. Even if you’re not a hardcore fan, Grimes gives a great performance putting heart and soul into her show and she’s a great singer.

I did have her main album, so I know many of the tracks and there was a great vibe in the audience. In a way it felt like she is a spokesperson for today’s digital natives.

Another plus: it’s all electronic so I didn’t feel the need to wear ear plugs like I do at most rock concerts, (especially when the drummer goes ape on the crash/ride etc…).


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