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MV from Sydney indie-rock band The Paper Scissors

Lung Sum by The Paper Scissors

I think they’re from Sydney. I like the title -reminds me of ‘dimsum’.


Latest Youtube Video

This time it’s a song, though I recorded it without the decent condenser mic which I’ve used in the past because I’m in a different location. I didn’t originally plan on doing a song, just an instrumental, but as I built up the rhythm section I decided it needed to be a song.

(My stage name is Donak RV)

Also, I attended a free music industry conference at Bondi Beach, Sydney, last Friday. It was just for one day but held some Aussie industry legends such as Michael Chugg the promote and John Watson the manager for Silverchair. I’ll pour over my notes and put up my thoughts over the following week…


A song called ‘Here’

One thing about living in Asia and especially China, is that I couldn’t help notice the difference in style of popular songwriting. They like their melodies sweet, chordal structures ‘cute’ and everything well-balanced.  It’s different to the blues influenced music of Australia and especially the wild, earthy sounds of Aussie pub-rock.

Anyway, I sometimes let it influence the way I was writing at the time, and this song ‘Here’, as well as another song called ‘Winter in Shenyang’ which I’ll upload soon, are examples of that.


I can’t believe I’m standing here now
A long long way from home
A long long time has gone

Longings of affection are sown
A long long way from home
And when these days are gone…

And the memories bring me back to you
About me and you
They all flood back
But what can I do?

Never have I felt so alone
The winter sheds its snow
The willows dry and cold

And though your face is bright in my heart
It’s glow begins to slow
And when these days are gone…


Copyright 2009 Donak RV


Double Think

The latest song I’ve put up on my Youtube site… and I’ve copied some info and lyrics underneath…

I wrote this song many years ago after reading a rather dark novel -you probably guessed it, “1984”. But I like the idea of trying to write something a bit ‘pop’ although the lyrics can be dark or ironic.


(Verse 1)
You seem so assured, when I look into your eyes
There’s a spark of corruption there
In a thin disguise, and he’s none the wiser

Come in through the door, to wake him in his sleep
A surprise you realise, all along were sure
He has no alibi

Your medium is making me think
It’s a double think
Leaving me to drown in the sink x2
Vaporised again…Na na na na na na na na na na na na…

(Verse 2)
Just a kiss goodbye, was all he had to spare
And if hope could be found in despair,
His wasn’t there, it’s with the party guys