Double Think

The latest song I’ve put up on my Youtube site… and I’ve copied some info and lyrics underneath…

I wrote this song many years ago after reading a rather dark novel -you probably guessed it, “1984”. But I like the idea of trying to write something a bit ‘pop’ although the lyrics can be dark or ironic.


(Verse 1)
You seem so assured, when I look into your eyes
There’s a spark of corruption there
In a thin disguise, and he’s none the wiser

Come in through the door, to wake him in his sleep
A surprise you realise, all along were sure
He has no alibi

Your medium is making me think
It’s a double think
Leaving me to drown in the sink x2
Vaporised again…Na na na na na na na na na na na na…

(Verse 2)
Just a kiss goodbye, was all he had to spare
And if hope could be found in despair,
His wasn’t there, it’s with the party guys


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