Welcome to my blog…

I’m using this blog in several ways -commenting the music making process (mainly in Garageband, but also reaper) and to show my alto-ego cartoon character ‘Strugmo’ with his band ‘Reflux Apocalypse’. It’s also been used for commenting on fav bands, songs and the music industry.


About me…

I’m an English teacher by day and if I’m not working in Saitama Japan I’m probably in Sydney or Lismore (NSW, Australia).




About my music…

My stuff is up on Soundcloud

Originally more a ‘guitarist-songwriter’ but now since I’m often travelling, I’m veering towards more electronic arrangements.


About my cartoons…

I’m now republishing a bunch of skwiggles and comic strips I’ve done over the years. You can find under the name ‘Munhwa Experience’ : (http://munhwaexperience.wordpress.com) or even buy ’em on iTunes.


My Music Appreciation Label

It’s called Indiebaibu and it’s all about bands form Taiwan, Japan, Korea and China, especially indie, rock, math rock and post rock.


About my(ex)band…

I was part of a four-piece rock band in the 90’s called Rhombic Void. It was our passion and serious hobby, but never went further than that…


You can check out Myspace and stuff on Soundclick.





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