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Shameless Plug: my book on iTunes looking at the music industry.

Shameless Plug No Words

I’ve just put a book up on iTunes which takes a satirical look at the DIY music industry. Here’s the book plug:

“Ever thought about making music your full time career? Or taking your band to the next level? Or seeking to break into the music biz? Edward Gobb, the fictional author of this book, may promise to have the keys to success or the secret formulae to make your dreams come true, but he’d be lying. However, if you can handle his uncompromising derisions and cynical remarks, you’re probably half way there!

Gobb’s Guide to Thinking you Actually have a Chance of Making it in the Music Industry is a satirical look at what it takes to make it in the competitive independent music business.”

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For those who practise hard…

ten thousand hours


two sides of the pop industry

Often you’ll find the media or people in general portraying two facets of the modern muso: “winner” or “loser”. You’ve either got to be super successful, making millions, wining and dining with top celebrities or you’re out there on the street, hustling to get noticed by industry executives and you’re dirt poor (or just washed up).
Wouldn’t it be good if you could just cross over from one to the other by getting a haircut?

Hopefully, this concept is all just a complete distortion of the truth, and really, it’s about the music, man. Whether you’re full time or not, if there are people that dig your music, then surely that’s what matters.

I don’t know about the hip-hop industry, though. Does it mean that if you’re not Timbaland, then you’re not worth your salt? I hope that’s a misconception too. Or is that the pop industry  is closely related to the celebrity and hype industry?