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Here’s the next video of my songwriting process ASSK

This is stage two, where I’ve worked out the main melody which is the ‘chorus’. I’ll keep it an instrumental, and bring further updates of how I’m doing with the structure and arrangements.

Here’s what I put in the notes on Youtube:

I think I’ve finished working out the melody and next I work on a form for improvisation, .

Then I’ll jam around with it on bass and keyboards. I’m not really a bass-player (nor a keyboard player), so I don’t know if I can do it justice, but I’ll probably end up keeping it simple.  I will say this is the stage I enjoy the most, just jamming around with it to the point of sending my neighbours crazy.
These are the chords I’ve settle upon (if it makes any sense):

Chorus (or melody)
D-7, E-7, FM7  X2
Bflat flat5, C6, Gsus4, A-7  X2