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Third Annal of Strugmo and working on the next demo…

It never ends, but the next demo in the pipeline is done on Reaper software, not Garageband. It’s got the real ‘amatronic’ sound as it uses a lot of Reaper’s very basic synthesizer (and it really is very basic).

Also, I’ve launched on a new series of ‘Strugmo’ and his band ‘Acid Reflux’. I’ve drawn three strips so far, so here’s the first one…



strugmo episode 7

The next episode

(Click here to start from Episode 1 this series)


Obout my old band…


I’ve been notified that Geocities is closing down, which was where my old band (Rhombic Void) held its website. So I’ve scrapped the remaining memories and put them on it’s myspace page -even though Rhombic Void is defunct it’s nice to keep the memories running. And to add to the vanity project, I’ve pasted the bio and song run-down into this post…

The Rhombic Void Story
Rhombic Void began in 1995 under the name of “Half Constructed Beard” . Starting out as an ad hoc blues and jazz outfit, we have developed into a rock band of many influences. However, at the time of forming, the bands main aim was to have fun, consisting of 2 guitarists, a drummer, bassist, singer and flautist.
We played at the local club, which hoped to pull in the uni student crowd. On our first gig, we pulled in no less than a total of 8 dedicated fans, which did not encourage a continuing relationship with the club. However, we managed to play the odd party and college bash over the year, and as time went by, our line up changed and molded into a four piece. The flautist and one of the guitarist left for overseas, and we picked up a singer -Rod.
So with this line-up, including Tim on bass, me (Don) on guitar, Dave Rule on drums and Rod as our frontman and singer, we began to get a vision and started some serious song-writing. The first song to emerge was “Traveller”, which sparked a chemistry with its catchy rhythm and melody. Other songs that came from this line-up included “Burning Eyes”, “Dream World”, “Only the Lonely”, “Gasoline” and “Funk Cafe”.
By 1997 we had performed at several parties and local pub gigs, performing our originals as well as some covers such as U2’s “Even Better than the Real Thing”, “All Along the Watchtower”, “Cross Roads” and other classics. However, the line-up began to break up as the drummer left due to career constraints, and the singer moved outside Sydney for studies. As a result, it was a quiet stage for the Void, but we used the time to work on our song-writing, thus producing “Plastic Woman”, “Fire Breather” and “Worm” (still not really finished), as well as finishing up some loose ends of all the old songs.
Since we had lost half our line, we also used the best part of the year searching for replacements. Advertising in local mags (“Drum Media” etc), we talked and interviewed several singers, who were turned down usually for problems with “attitude” and “ego”, before we got to even test for talent. Drummers seemed to have more reasonable personalities, and were joined in our line up by a drummer called Alfie. So for a good 6-9 months we survived as a three piece, working on some more material with almost enough for 2 sets of original material.
The final stage to date, occurred during Autumn of ’98, as Alfie left the line-up, but we found a new drummer in the form of Jason Russell, who has had much experience in several Christian bands through the uni circuit. Furthermore, we were also fortunate to get our old singer, Rodrigo back, as he moved back to the inner city, and thus our present line-up is a solid four piece.

Rhombic Void Songs
Below is a list of some of our songs, which we hope you will have the opportunity to listen to one day.

The Traveller
This song is one of our first original compositions, which came together well. The guitar melody was originally written for flute but the flautist left soon after the song was written. However we discovered it was more catchy on guitar anyway, and flows well over the boppy rhythm beat. The words have vague meanings about the pilgrimage of life, but the nature of the song suggests it is not too serious.

Courage in that Lonely Hour
This song is also about the long and winding road of life, with allusions to the spiritual battle with its highs and lows. It has a mixture of influences, with a Flamenco rhythm and pumkinesque melody line. We also tried to gain contrast with the fuzzy bridge section and the main melody.

Burning Eyes
Another oldie of ours, Burning Eyes is a small epic. Slightly atmospheric in the verse, we tried to contrast that with a melodic (but dark) chorus. It is another of our more “serious” numbers.

Only the Lonely
This song is another of the first songs written. It is simple but catchy, even though the lyrics are flavoured with a bit of “doom and gloom”

Plastic Woman
The words from this song were originally inspired by a nasty “relationship” experience Tim had with a girl years ago, and were adapted by Don with the music. This song is one of our more complicated numbers, grungy in parts but also playing around with the rhythm in the solo break (there is no lead guitar).

Rod wrote the lyrics as a poem years ago, and when Tim came up with the bass line, he added a simple yet beautiful melody over the top. It sort of has a “Dire Straits” influence to it.

Gasoline is a slow grungy number, mixing the blues scale with an exotic minus9 major4 scale (I don’t know the technical term for it). Don’t try and read anything into the lyrics, because they don’t really mean anything.

Dream World
Keeping in line with the title, the music for this song is dreamlike with a slightly medieval feel as well. One of our “pop” numbers, the words are as deep as you’re willing to make them.

Elephant Man
One of our funk numbers, and despite its off-beat lyrics, it is actually intended to be sincere and not in bad taste. We were trying to convey a desire to be grateful for whatever looks one may have.

Funk Cafe
Obviously another funk number. This one is just for fun.

Fire Breather
This is one of our rocky numbers, starting with a drum solo, then building up with bass, and bursting in with a fiery guitar riff. It also has a mellow interlude that provides a balance.