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Some of my favourite Aussie Indie bands…

Only the Sea Slugs

A Sydney band who’ve just released a mini-album with rave reviews including the US. They’re kind of dark indie rock although I’ve so far missed opportunities to see them live.

Fire! Santa Rosa Fire!

I’ve rambled about South Australian act a few times and they’re my favourite band at the moment. Indie with 80’s (real) drumbeats, sophisticated guitar counter melodies and interesting aloof vocals. I saw them not long ago in a small venue called ‘The Good God Small Club’ in near Chinatown, Sydney. Apparently they’re coming to Syd again at the ‘Upstairs Beresford‘.!/firesantarosa



Located in Sydney, these guys are heavy, but I wouldn’t call them metal or grunge. It’s like dense, heavy rock with deep yet ethereal vocals. It’s kind of a heavy-rock super band with some of Australia’s best musos (Lucius Borich on drums).


The Paper Scissors

Another Sydney indie band with support from both JJJ and FBI radio stations. Brash and heartfelt at the same time.


The Keep on Dancin’s

They’re from Brisbane and they’ve been described as ‘reverb-core’ with a nod to classic 50’s/60’s songwriting.



Another Brisbane artist who’s forte is classic-synth infused pop. She also does felt synths.


Musical slugs…

I’ve been getting into a local indie radio station in Sydney called FBI which has the odd gem. One band I found interesting recently is called “Only the Sea Slugs” and they’re apparently playing in Sydney tomorrow night at the Oxford Art Factory… They have some cool atmospheric guitar and the track picks up with a good beat later on.