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Floating Me made it into the ARIA award nominations

One of my favourite bands for 2011 has been Floating Me just for their dense harmonic atmosphere and interesting songs. I was excited to hear they got a nomination for an award at the Australian Record Industry Awards this year (the winners were Frong End Loader). Congrats anyway!


FoatingMe: A Sydney band in Brisbane…

FloatingMe, who have members made up of Karnivool, Scary Mother and COG and have recently released their debut album are playing in Brisbane at Big Sound.  I do confess to knowing one of the members vaguely, but they’re one of my favourite bands in Sydney, and I feel they have a new, distinct sound and approach. I’ve seen them in Sydney already, but I’ve been mentioning some up and coming bands I’ve started to get into from Brisbane, but I couldn’t find them on this advert.  I was, however,  excited to see FloatingMe.

And now for something completely different: a crappy cartoon about my frustration with DVDs -especially ones borrowed from libraries and DVD rental stores. I figured, being a muso who used to like using the Sony MD player to record our jamming and gigs,  that in an ideal world the next generation of DVDs would be like MDs -smaller with a plastic coating that prevented them from GETTING SCRATCHED!