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Burgeoning Brisband Scene…

I have a coursin in a Brisbane band that has had some popularity recently.¬† The irony is that all the members were in other bands, slogging it out, and they just go together for fun, and from there they had a spark¬†with some some local interest. They came down to Sydney recently where I caught them at a gig… But the great thing about Brisbane is that it’s small enough that almost all the musos know each other, which fosters a scene. Unlike Sydney, which makes it all too easy for the up-coming band to get lost in the ether…

Anyway, the Keep On Dancin’s were lots of fun and they’ve just released an album. Their Myspace describes them as ‘pop, visual, surf’… For me, they reminded me a little bit of the Cramps but less rough… , ( the Cramps was one of my fav bands in high school). I’m not really into the genre, so I’ve got to relate them to something I’ve heard…



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