From the sea of failed 90’s bands…

I’ve been practising on the same guitar instrumental for a few weeks now. It’s basically my version of a ‘shredder’, only I’m not that great at shredding (playing guitar like a wiz such as Joe Satriani etc…). I like tapping, so for the intro part I’m taping with two tracks, either side of the ‘stereo’ (when mixed with my friend at the studio -who has postponed my for the second time, and I’m guessing that this Saturday which he promised will be postponed again…)

Anyway, it’s just going to be a demo so far, because I’m going to need a lot of help with the percussion and drumming.  I’m plan to shop around later, see if I can get a good drummer or even traditional military drum sounds. Just an idea at the mo’ anyways.

In the meantime I’m also working on some other songs, trying to get my vocals up to scratch. I don’t plan to be a singer per se,  but I want to be good enough so that a pro singer would want to cover my song. Something like that.

To give you a broad view of my situation -I’m a bit of a washed up muso, with tons of songs lying around, with the main hope of having one of my better-crafted songs covered or even published… And even if my band, like the sea of bands out there from the 90’s who couldn’t get a gig in the digital/DJ/rave age,  hardly made a tiny dent of an impression in the music scene of it’s day, I still have a resource of songs I can use.