Hellow 2013

Since I’ve been working in Japan I’ve had to be more mobile and thus I can’t record the same kind of demos as before where I had a bass guitar, acoustic guitar, condensor mic and assorted pedals. As a traveller I have my Macbook pro and an electic guitar and that’s about it. So I’m delving into electronic music, or to be more specific, digital music via Reaper and other programs like Abbleton Live 8, and drum beat software called Tattoo.

But I’m totally an amateur, I listen to a few electronic artists but really don’t have the foggiest when it comes to deciphering the plathora of genres, sub-genres and tag-terms that make up electronic music. I probably couldn’t even tell your jungle from your house music.

So, with my own Macbook compositions, what genre am I going to call it? I’ve come up with: ‘amatronic‘ and the first track is on my soundcoud site soundcloud.com/donakrv.



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