This year I’ve converted from PC to Apple with a Macbook Pro, but not without it’s growing pains. I gradually getting to know Reaper but it still stresses me out with it’s plethora of right-button commands and endless preferences. It can be a headache just to do one action sometimes.

Add to that getting familiar with the itunes/mac universe and using a newly purchased ipad, and starting to tear out my hair. iTunes is not designed to work with books and pdfs on the ipad, yet I’m forced to go through it just to organise my reading. I have my files on the desktop organised a certain way, and I hate the lack of flexibility in iTunes. If it wasn’t for recording (quietly), I’d revert back to the PC universe.

Anyway, that’s my rant for the week. I was going to share an electronic file I’ve made on Reaper via Soundcloud, but the files too big at the moment so needs a bit more work.



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