Finally saw Fire! Santa Rosa Fire!

I’d been waiting for Fire! Santa Rosa Fire! to come to Sydney for a while and so I was delighted to see them last night at the oddly named Good God Small Club near Chinatown.  I was probably the oldest fogey there as most of the crowd were 20 something hipsters with slanted fringes, braces and stretch jeans.


But FSRF are one of my favourite bands at the moment because of their interesting angular guitar riffs and hypnotic vocals by Caitlin Duff. If you check their wiki site you’ll see they’re described as “monolithic tech-pop”. For me, they have interesting lyrics and a great beat. And I think they’re representative of the quality of up-and-coming bands in this generation who have something interesting to say musically.


My 30-something colleagues and friends often feel satisfied with the same classics from the 60’s to the 90’s -Led Zep, Nirvana, Massive Attack,  Pearl Jam, and the Aussie greats like You Am I, INXS, Cold Chisel etc… Don’t get me wrong, I also love most of the classics, but people in my age group seem overwhelmed by the barrage of new acts coming at us from the open media environment that is the internet.


You just gotta dig, filter and sift and you find the good stuff. It’s also hard avoiding the clutter and self promotion. But you’ll find bands like FSRF. Even the support acts weren’t to bad.  I only got the tail end of the first act 1929 Indian, which I regretted because I liked their song on Youtube.






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