Chairman’s Second Album

As the digital environment takes over the ‘bricks and mortar’ it will be a shame to miss the opportunity to go digging through record stores looking for a diamond in the rough. And that’s exactly what I did on my Taipei trip: checked out the second-hand CD stores around Taipei. And in the student district I came across a bit of a gem for me, The Chairman’s second album.


It’s always interesting to see (albeit hear) the progression of a band in terms of style, songwriting and production and I’ve been won over with the Chairman’s latest albums.  So listening to their second LP I’m not going to be too critical -at that time they were indie but the songs were often in the vein of ‘Chinese rock’ singalong anthems or fairly mainstream rock numbers. But isn’t that why we go digging, to find the origins of our favourite bands and to see how they ended up where they are?



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