Tempting the Tizzy Bac fan…

Tizzy Bac seems to be one of the most successful indie acts of Taiwan recently and with a few albums under their belt they’ve definitely paid their dues. I’m a fan and I’ve collected the last 3-4 records but the one I thought I’d talk about now is their 2002 debut LP called ‘Anything can tempt me’.

I never saw this one on iTunes, and didn’t know of its existence until I was over in Taipei about 6 weeks ago. A local indie record store (White Wabbit Records) had it picked as a ‘staff favourite’ on the shelf, despite it being not as polished as their recent records. So my impression is that this one’s for the serious, die-hard, self-respecting Tizzy Bac fan with essential ownership as a badge of honour.

And after a few spins I’ve found some great catchy piano-infused tracks, wonderfully quirky English lyrics (mixed with Chinese), fine indie melodies and even an exotic Middle-Eastern sounding scale used in one track. And the lead singer, who I think is called “Chen Huiting” in Chinese (but calls herself “Trampe” in English according to the CD booklet), really pours herself out on this album. Without the higher-end production and polish of mainstream pop records, there’s a real honesty that I think listeners appreciate.

I suppose one drawback is that a couple of tracks are quite long, reaching the 7-10 minute territory. But hey, this is the right of any indie artist who’s not going to kowtow to typical radio formats. If you’re on your way to becoming a die-hard fan, I, along with the White Wabbit Records shop staff, recommend this LP.

(Youtube song: http://youtu.be/qs9rXeG5VnY)



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