Wubai returns to rock on a one-way ticket


The Taiwanese indie rock album I’m listening to now is Wubai’s latest album ‘One Way Ticket’… Wubai and China Blue have been around since the 90’s and really could be considered ‘mainstream rock’ for their success with consecutive hits such as ‘Wanderer’s Love Song’ and ‘The End of Love’ that impacted the whole Chinese speaking world.

But now in the age of Facebook, Youtube and the Korean pop wave they seem to cater more to a faithful indie-rock niche, albeit Chinese style. And I’m somewhat of a fan, having seen him twice in concert (once last year in Sydney) and I think I pretty much have all his albums.

I like Wubai’s attitude -he just writes what he wants to write and unashamedly claims to never cater to the record execs or even his fan base. So, naturally I don’t dig every single song but every album seems to have its gems (this album no exception) and he has a knack for infusing his songwriting with great sentiment and he searches for interesting melodies. And there’s a consistancy of style having kept the same band members since way back with drums, bass and keys.

One Way Ticket seems to be the ‘single’ of the album but my favourite tracks are perhaps more off-beat, such as ‘Knot’ and the dreamy opener ‘Blue Moon’. Anyways, I’m still absorbing this album but I think I’m liking it more than his previous record ‘Space Bomb’ …



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