Saw Wubai and China Blue in Sydney…

As I’ve said before Wubai is a rock icon of the Chinese speaking world, up there with the likes of Cui Jian. My impression is he’s done it through songwriting and writing songs that capture the imagination of his audience, rather than just trying to be a ‘Chinese Bon Jovi’ or imitate Britrock…

And he’s a world-class entertainer as I witnessed on Friday night in Sydney’s Roundhouse venue at the University of New South Wales. Even though the concert venue was downgraded from a small stadium to a medium-sized gig, you wouldn’t know of any disappointment on his or his band’s part because they gave an infectious performance that earned them two encores. I had seen them play about 7 years ago in Taiwan, but because this was a smaller and more intimate venue, I was really impressed this time around, and the sound was great. Furthermore, Wubai plays a rock-star as second nature without being cocky or arrogant, which endears his audience to him. He and his band have been doing it for 20 years and you could tell. I’ll see them again if I get the chance.





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