Myspace, down but not dead…

I’m still on Myspace, and I’ve noticed many bands still on myspace even though they’re not updating or they’re mainly focusing on other sites like Facebook or Tumblr… The thing is, for many bands, the Myspace is still up their on the google search, and when people are trying to check them out, what they”ve left on Myspace will leave an impression, even if their last song uploaded was 6 months ago and their last post was 2 years ago… So if you’re a band and you’ve decide to focus on Facebook, it still might be worth while updating your Myspace page with latest info like up and coming gigs etc… The last band I was going to see, I googled to confirm they’d play in a certain place and their website was down, the only other sites were Youtube and Myspace, none of which could confirm the gig for the night. I went to the venue site, and they had another band on the bill, so I had to assume they weren’t playing… My advice is, check google for how your band comes up. If Myspace is at the top, still make it a priority.


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