Wanted to see Paper Scissors but wimped out…

The Paper Scissors are one of the local Sydney bands that I’m into -I’ve bought their latest CD and all, but I’ve wimped out of gigs lately, possibly because being in my late 30’s I’m a bit of an old fogey -I’m tired of standing through 2-3 support bands to see the main act (buying pricy beers and all), and then the main act finishes past midnight and it’s a headache to get home by bus… The previous gig I saw was Sonny Rollins at the Opera House -not cheap (but not too expensive) and finished at a manageable 10.30…

I think I’m tending towards just appreciating recorded music, since that’s what I’m striving to produce not having a band… Hopefully the future will have more of a ‘cottage industry’… I’m starting to get into Soundcloud and listen to similar ‘struggling musos’ around the world.


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