Quitting your day job

“Were it not for Yout Tube, we’d still be a bunch of kids palying ukeleles in our bedrooms, working day jobs.”

I still work a day job, but I definitely appreciate You Tube, and how it’s really revolutionising media and how people communicate -not just for indies who seek to make a living from music. The above quote is from Alan Lastuftka, President of DFTBA records, which stands for “Don’t Forget T Be Awesome”. I came across it from Music Think Tank: “Is You Tube Destroying or Saving Muisc?” which I found immensely interesting.


For me, Youtube is a great outlet for my songwriting… which reminds me, I’m still in the process of my current song which is taking forever to complete. (Info is on this site: http://donakrv.blogspot.com/)


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