Music and KPIs…

On one of the music bloggers I was reading the other day I was struck by a comment made by one indie artist who said that reading books on marketing has made a huge difference on how she has been running her music career/business. In fact she stated her goal was to read one book a week -I guess she has lots of time when travelling on tour…

Well, I don’t have a music business, but I thought it would be useful since the principles of online marketing can be applicable to any online endeavour really. So I borrowed “Online Marketing” from the library for a bit of inspiration -one key point to note was having KPIs -Key Performance Indicators.

In the information age it’s easy to get statistics on almost everything -even free online social media accounts have quite sophisticated stats these days -just check out Youtube. But the danger is getting overwhelmed by too many stats, too much info -the ‘white noise’ so to speak. How does one focus?

But first deciding what your personal goals are, and then aligning those goals with the relevant statistics -these are the Kep Performance Indicators. The stats that won’t just give you info, but will tell you whether you’re getting closer to your goal or not and hopefully motivate you to improve next time.

So now I have to go back to the drawing board and decide what my KPIs are. Are they just hits, or people who stay, like subscribers etc ?


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