Bands I’m into at the moment…

…are basically Asian post-rock and indie bands… Borris, for example, recently came down to Sydney for the Lou Reed curation thingy… I didn’t get to see them, but I heard about them and became a fan. They’re very grungy and feed-backy- like a melodic Sonic Youth.

Another Japanese band I came across just on You.tube is LITE -I’ve downloaded a few songs off iTunes -they’re mainly instrumental but I dig them.

And I’ve become a bit of a fan of the Carsick Cars -they’re kind of uplifting.

I bagged out iTunes a little previously, but it’s become my preferred point of music distribution, simply because I’m bored with Western rock. Maybe I shouldn’t be, I know there are tonnes of cool bands from Aus like Children Collide ( I think they’re Aussie) and others, but I’m a little sentimental for Asia, and the hype of the Western music industry turns me off. It’s like the ‘Myspace generation’ (now the ‘Facebook generation’) is all about showing off…

So when I walk into a record store in Sydney I often come out uninspired, yet iTunes generally lets me get access to the stuff I’m discovering across the blogosphere.

Ironically I won’t start getting into Sydney bands again until I’m working in Asia again. But some of these bands from Beijing, Japan and Taiwan come from a slightly different perspective, and they therefore have something new and refreshing to offer me. They have a healthy, though neglected scene, where it’s still about discovery rather than hype (the hype in Asia centres around pop divas and mainstream music).


http://www.taiwanfun.com/music/0811/0811_1976.htm (Taiwan band 1976)

http://www.myspace.com/borisishuge (Borris)


2 Responses to “Bands I’m into at the moment…”

  1. August 2, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    not sure if i know you or not but i run a specialist distro that focuses on alternative music from the whole australasia region, right here in sydney too. you can check out all the music i have available on the distro page at http://www.tenzenmen.com and also see some of my own labels releases on the releases page.

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