Thoughts on Australian fitness class music fees

Slight change of topic. (Will do the last post on Bondi Wave Conference in next couple of days).. This was in the news not long ago:

“Australian Fitness Class Music Fees To Soar ”

“…the Copyright Tribunal today set a new rate of $1 Australian ($0.87) for each fitness class attendee or $15 Australian ($13.17) per class – up more than 1,500% from the current rate of $0.968 Australian which was capped at an annual maximum of $2,654 Australian ($2,328). The gym has the choice of either option.”

And further on in the article:

“According to Fitness Australia, today’s decision represents an annual cost increase from the current $1,510 Australian ($1,325) per year to $23,400 Australian ($20,550) per year for an average-size fitness center with 1,500 members and running 30 fitness classes each week. ”

Being a muso myself, normally I’m all for musicians getting rewarded for their work, but this just seems outrageously expensive and crazy, especially in this day and age. Gyms can opt to use music that is free from copyright as well, but obviously not as good as playing Lady Gaga or something. They could probably pay a bunch of DJs and programmers to record and supply beats instead of pay the copyright.


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