Bondi Wave Conference Andy Kelly

The next speaker was Andy Kelly and his label Ivy League which is one of the leading labels in the Australian Indie scene for success with several bands and artists (The Vines, Josh Pike among others ) Perhaps it’s not only the success but the story of how the label started and how it managed to circumvent the domestic music industry and launch a band successfully on the international stage. You can check out the links to their site and the Wiki…



Andy Kelly gave a run down of his story then shared some basics such as keeping clear goals with timelines as important. Sounds simple but hard to do and yet an essential ingredient to success. For example, having a clear plan for recording songs, how many by what month etc… Or if it’s a tour, how many venues etc…

Another concept I picked up was to have a passion for the music, and it was this passion that drove Ivy League -if they love the music, they get behind it. If they don’t, then they’re not going to promote something they’re not passionate about.

This led to one of the questions asked towards the end (when it had been discussed that there’s so much the artist can do these days without relying on a record label) “what can you offer the artist”, to which he replied with emphasis “I’d have to really really  like your music…” but then I can’t remember what he said after that.

My impression is that it still has a lot to offer as there is also a publishing company and a management company associated with Ivy League, so there’s access to these services. Also, since Ivy League is high profile, any new signings will get instant press recognition, so there’s an advantage in the way of publicity and making a statement that since a reputable label is getting behind this band, it must be somewhat decent.


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