Bondi Wave talkers on Australian Internet Radio and Music Publishing

The third talk at the Bondi Wave music conference was a very optimistic message from Michael Kelly of Australian Internet Radio, who boldly claimed that virtually no artist or band was knocked back who sent him a demo to play on his stations and that the site proudly played all Australian content. His background had come from IT but he was passionate about music and set out to set up Australian Internet Radio from his own funding.

Somewhat of a futurist he passionately believed internet radio had an important part to play for the future, especially with the prospect of internet radio becoming more available for use in cars and more accessable to the public in general. Even now the station had provided a platform for other record labels and companies around the world to have access to Australian music and pass that on to listeners in other markets such as the US.

One morsel of advice about sending demos: presentation is important -the more professional, the more doors it will open, as people in the industry develop expectations just by looking at the cover…


The fourth speaker was Bob Aird, Managing Director of Universal Publishing in Australia. His talk consisted of some of the nuts and bolts of music publishing -mechanical royalties, performance royalties and synch royalties as well as the role of the publisher to develop songwriters and collaborations and promote their work. I won’t go into the details as that is something easily researchable on the net these days.

Points of interest though:

<> Digital income still only takes up 10% of business in Aus of mech and performance royalties.

<> Usual publisher/artist split in Aus: 25%/75% (latter to the artist).

<> A good site that lists 80 Australian publishers: www.ampal.com


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