My latest cartoon character: “Marketingman”

Just for fun… Even though ‘Rise of Reflux’ first series has ended (my cartoon about a wannabe rockband), I just may put this character in the next series if I continue. My original idea was ‘The Three Marketeers’ but there are already companies around the world using the name, so this is more generic -like ‘Superman’.

But while Superman can defy the odds and do the impossible in the physical world, Marketingman does the impossible in the marketing world, which is what everyone really wants. Who needs a downing plane to be rescued? Who cares about the stranded girl on top of the Empire State Building? Get my product out to the masses! Make my brandname a household name! Let me grab the leading market share! Let my website/song/Youtube video go viral!

Sometimes it seems in the music industry the emphasis is on marketing and promotion rather than a good product (i.e. the music). If the marketing works, and the numbers are impressive, it pretty much¬†defines it as ‘good’ -but depends how long it lasts. People can be like lemmings, they follow whatever seems to be the flavour of the month. But perhaps a good band or act proves it has something special when it grows despite of little or no marketing. Then it doesn’t need Marketingman to do the impossible!


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