How a producer in the music biz can make you big time (comic)

In this transitional period of the music industry, what does that mean for the role of producer? Especially with everything becoming DIY… More is expected of musicians, since there’s less money for the less well-known artist. Who can afford a manager? A publicist? Let alone when it comes to recording. Many musicians are saying the money’s in live performance… For example I came across an article about John Lydon reforming PIL and touring to save up for recording an album.


Now, with digital technology, it’s up to the musician to record his/her own music rather than pay thousands or hundreds of thousands in high-end studio time, gear and personal. With CD profits shrinking, what record company can fork out a huge advance for recording costs, especially if it’s unlikely for the artist/band to recoup from CD sales.


Does this mean it’s harder for the average producer to make a living? Perhaps, now, it’s only the ‘celebrity producer’, who can charge exorbitant fees up front, who’s been responsible for a number of hits and has an impressive track record that can make a living. It’s almost the same as musicians themselves -only the famous can make a living -98% really have to have a day job.





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