Saw ‘Rip -a Remix Manifesto’

Saw an interesting documentary on an Aussie TV station here called ‘Rip -A Remix manifesto’ which I guess is an American production. All about the new creative cultures and remixing or ‘mashing’ using past creative works. (www.ripremix.com)

I’ve seen similar docs before regarding the copyright issue -the only thing new was the focus on the artist ‘Girl talk’ who takes past pop tunes and beats and mashes them up to make new exciting beats -even real time on his laptop while crowds of revelers dance around him.

My reaction is I’ve still got mixed feelings about the whole copyright and music industry issues -I agree they should change and I support creative commons but I don’t think everything can be simplified just to make out the major labels as ‘The bad guys’.

 I guess ultimately it’s about helping the law change and adapt to the new environment -I believe we’ll still need copyright law for protection. Maybe your a ‘mash up’ artist, but what if someone exploits your name or logo to sell T-shirts without your permission? What if your work is used in a ad without your permission? What if someone uses your work to support an ideology, religion or message of hate without your permission?

But then we don’t necessarily want large corporations owning songs like Happy Birthday that really should belong to the public domain by now. Neither do we want corporations exploiting medical knowledge just for porfits thus making medical help unavailable to the poor. So, I still agree with somethings about the documentary.

I’m not really into the whole ‘mash up’ thing anyway -some of it just seems to be a little gimicky and some of the artists gain exposure because they’re doing something contraversial. The sample culture has been around for ages and that’s not really a big deal anymore -the main thing is if it sounds good.


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