Shameful demo plug ReverbNation/donakrv

I’m not a pro musician or artist, I’m still just a ‘serious hobbyist’ and a ‘struggling muso’. I’m not going to pretend to be anything that I’m not. I just love songwriting and playing guitar, and I’ve used 2009 as a ‘sabbatical year’ to try several creative pursuits.

Anyway, I’m still learning the ‘art of demoing’ and I’ve put another couple of pieces up on Myspace/ Reverbnation. One song is called ‘To The Fight’, which is based on a ‘martial arts story’ idea of mine from when I lived in Pusan Korea (and studied the kicking art ‘Taekkyon’). But nowadays my knees aren’t so good, so I’m putting my ‘martial’ into music.
So, again a shameless plug for my demo at www.reverbnation.com/donakrv

And I’m still only doing demos because I haven’t reached the stage of good enough mixes for mastering, and I’m not a protools wiz. In fact I still only mix with Audacity, which is a free, no-frills audio software, but you can load in as many tracks as you want. The recording is done from a Yamaha workstation, and I’ve still got a nice condenser mike. So, I’m still only at the ‘demo’ stage -I’d really need to perform with a band, which I don’t have, and then get tight enough to record in a proper studio and get professionals to mix and master it.
Even though the barrier of entry has been lowered with modern technology, as they say, you still really need professional people to make something professionally acceptable for retail consumption. There are ways around it in the indie world, but that also needs clever marketing. The Blair Witch Project is an obvious example. There aren’t hard and fast rules, but for me eventually I’d still need to go into a professional studio to get to the next level.


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