Happy New Year and Strugmo changes…

As previously mentioned, I’ve decided to make a few changes to this blog regarding my cartoon character ‘Strugmo’ which is basically the return of him and his band of musos in ‘Acid Reflux’.  Originally I was putting all my cartoons out on ‘Munhwa Experience’ but the relevance of the cartoons didn’t mix well. The martial arts cartoons seemed to garner more popularity while the cartoons revolving around the ‘struggling muso artist’ didn’t seem so popular.
So I’ll leave Munhwa Experience for the martial arts enthusiasts, especially the Karate and kungfu folks.

On this blog I’ll still write articles about my observations on music related stuff and refer to interesting newspaper links, but I’ll also spice it up with the Acid Reflux saga.

And here’s a short rundown of Strugmo:

 starting solo…

Then being a part of the band ‘Acid Reflux’

And signing their souls to the major establishment

If you want to see the beginnings of Strugmo and Acid Reflux you can start in August of 2009 on the Munhwa blog:


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