Aussie TV debate about change in journalism by twitter and facebook

Saw a very interesting TV debate last night on’Fora‘ on ABC 2 (Aussie station) . They have a link to info and a download (may have to scroll down):

It had a good cross-section with journos from Fairfax (Sydney Morning Herald), News Limited (The Australian) and Channel 9. A big message I got out of it (I saw the last half admittedly) was that established print journalism is really feeling the pain, but we know that from Murdoch’s latest opinions. However, it’s interesting to hear it from the journalists and writers themselves, and see their point of view, not the head honcho, who we don’t really feel sympathy for.

They also discussed the advantages and uses of new social media, and acknowledge the impact and role it will play, but they also raised the fact that it’s easy to forget the costs  of finding and producing good news, including the costs of investigating several stories but only one will be suitable. And I think it is a valid point -blogs by people writing for free (like me) cannot replace the time, effort and infrastructure required for investigative journalism.

So it sounds like a similar message from those feeling the impacting change on the music industry. It could be a simple hard fact that certain services just won’t be paid for like they used and therefore the quality may decrease, or have to be funded in a different way (if online advertising can’t replace the old model, and it doesn’t seem to have been successful yet).  Could that mean a decrease in hard investigative journalism and similarly the quality of well recorded music? Will these services have to rely more on government funding and donations in the future?


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