Take heart, we’re all prosumers now

I’ve put a view more vids up on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/donakrv), and the great thing about Youtube is that everyone and everything is on Youtube. Music-wise it has both established artists and bands as well as all sorts of ‘struggling musos’ and hobbyists.

And it means that we’re moving into a ‘prosumer’ society, where we’re less content to be passive absorbers of culture but rather creaters and consumers. We can participate more in the music and media and we’re becoming more aware of the creative and production process.

I guess it’s got good and bad news for struggling musos. The good news is Youtube and other sites offer an avenue of expression and public display of their work.  That also allows them to gain feedback and keep trying and improving, and they can grow a grassroots fan-base in the process.

The bad news (and in a sense good news for listeners) is that since the barriers of entry are lowered, making music as a business is going to get more competitive and potential consumers are going to demand more in quality and quantity, for less of the price (depending on the selling model of the future, like Spotify etc…).

And another aspect of the bad news, for DIY musos anyway, is the amount of time needed to promote online to develop a good fan base. (Even if a song goes viral, is it going to be remembered after the next viral thing comes along 15 seconds later?). How much time will you have for music compared to updating profiles, writing blogs, posting pics and vids, answering fan-mail, twittering, joining in discussions etc etc? Perhaps it’s going to require skill time-management. But that’s another post…


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