ID Spam Theft

I discovered I’ve been the victim of some kind of ‘ID spam theft’ –that is, someone took my id in Myspace and used it to spam all my friends on the account.  I discovered it because I have access to my band profile –Rhombic Void, on Myspace, which is also ‘friends’ with  my solo profile, Donak RV, although it had been in the junk section since June 7 according to the date on it.

What’s strange about it is that in the inbox view it shows the first few words under the title of “Wow” in grey (“Wow, promise me that you will never g”) , and when you click on the email, nothing shows up in the content section. I’m not sure if it’s some hacker playing around, or it’s just some automatic virus, but I know I didn’t send any broadcast emails to my friends, and I have no idea what the “Wow, promise me …” is all about. It seems like it’s automated, but then is it supposed to be advertising something?

These are the picks of my Rhombic Void inbox of Myspace:


This shows the actual message:


That I have people who might try to discredit my reputation or hamper my online efforts doesn’t surprise me –I’ve come from a church which has sometimes had a dubious reputation –the International Churches of Christ and I didn’t make myself popular on exiting.  Not only that, I left after questioning some things said, and some things left out by omission, and I later raised issues and questions in my religious blog called ‘Religo’.(http://religo.wordpress.com/)

Of course they’d flatly deny any shadowy funny business so what can you do… And it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s related to specific instances of hacking/viruses/worms etc… Anyone on the net is at risk, but it’s a pain when you have people whose interests are perhaps that you not succeed because they don’t want you being prominent or becoming an opinion leader.


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