Changes and more about Twitter…

I’m going to make a few changes with my whole web presence because some blogs are doing better than others in regards to view and hits etc… Also, soon I’ll have to get back into either full-time employment or full-time study, so I’ll be making a few ‘cut-backs’ on the frequency of publishing articles and cartoons. I might reduce my ‘Munhwa Experience’  posts to 2-3 comics a week.

I’ll also change the focus of this blog slightly. I’m going to focus mainly on my interest as a ‘struggling muso’ in the changes to the music biz, the impact and trends of social networking and blogging especially for musicians, and my experiences in making music and songwriting in the social networking context. 

That’s not much of a change really, but I’m not going to use it to directly promote my You.tube songs, for instance. I’ll keep links, but it’s not going to a place to hear my songs -I’ll keep Myspace and Youtube for that. I’ll be doing less music later on anyway when I’m busier.

I figured every blog and online profile needs to have it’s own specific purpose, so people who are interested in a specific topic will have reason to follow it. What’s the point of having a blog that one minute talks about Canadian fish farms and the next minute discusses the Japanese elections.

And, finally, on to Twitter. Just found an interesting article from ‘Music Think Tank’ about Twitter…






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