Twitter not for promotion

I was browsing through a bookstore recently (real world) and noticed in the marketing/get rich section two different titles devoted to the use of Twitter. One was more a basic ‘how to’, while the other was more about promising that the use of Twitter as a promotional tool can help you get rich and cure cancer. Well, the former, not the latter. 

I haven’t had Twitter very long, but I am finding it useful. I follow some bloggers (who I also follow on bloglines) and they’re always giving links to interesting articles that I would otherwise not have found by my own browsing. I’m also using it to potentially keep in touch with a couple of old friends around the world and here a few tit-bits from some artists and guitar idols I like. 

And that’s it. I find it useful as a communication tool. I also give updates of what is happening on this blog -so people who share the same interests might find it useful. 

But the whole ‘marketing’ and ‘promotion’ fad of Twitter as the latest Web2.0 craze is driving me a little crazy. Let me give an example. 

It seems apparent to me that many believe they can promote their twitter profile, and therefore their online presence and business, by ‘following’ other people’s profile. So some slick property advisor wants to promote his business by ‘following’ as many twitter profiles he can come across. He clicks on my profile, I feel flattered I have another follow, and click to follow his, then find my Twitter account is bombarded with his promotional messages. So, I’ve got to ‘unfollow’. 

I suppose it’s not a big problem. The property advisor keeps ‘following’ random accounts and maybe 1% of those people will be sufficiently interested to follow his. That’s cheaper than doing the same thing by phone, and not as annoying. 

But, like the phone, I’m intent only on seeing Twitter as a communication tool rather than a promotion tool. And when phones become abused as promotion tools it gets frustrating -your dinner’s interrupted because some marketing firm has your number and they want to sell you a holiday or a water purifier.

 I’m still learning the art using twitter, but it’s frustrating when your ‘follow line’ is cluttered by one profile feed that’s giving you irrelevant info. So I’m often ‘following’ and ‘unfollowing’. That’s life.


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