To Sydney for week and cartoon character

I’m heading down to Sydney for a bout a week, but I’ll keep posting when I’m down there, though I might miss the next couple of days.

tech muso excerpt

Here’s an excerpt of a comic strip I’ve put on my ‘Munhwa Experience’ website. They’re two characters I’ve been developing -the one with the guitar on his back and the long straight hair is kind of my ‘alter ego’ (with more hair), and I’m currently working on a ‘cartoon story’ about his uphill battle as a ‘struggling muso’. So, I’ve called him ‘Strugmo’, my nickname from this blog. At the moment he’s the central character from which all others revolve around.

 The other character is record producer-type I’m working on, though I haven’t incorporated him in the story yet. You will see some more struggling musos though, and later characters may include an ‘angry karate girl’ and my ‘Hwakthindo’ master. To be continued…



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