New Rock n Roll

Il4 searching music on internet


What is the new ‘rock n roll’? For me, I feel it’s anything that’s not shoved in your face by the music industry establishment. The net and social networking has empowered us to be more proactive and choosy about our tastes in music and I guess there are pro’s and cons to that.


I might’ve mentioned I’m going through a mini-crisis as to what music I’m getting into in my mid-30’s.  On the one hand CD stores are closing down with discount sales of all the standards from the past 40 years, and on the other the internet and new media are opening up such a vast array of new (but often mediocre) music it’s overwhelming. And I’m not helping either as a struggling muso putting in his own two-pence of original music.


It’s hard. And it’s not about genre anymore, because in whatever genre on the net you can find thousands and thousands to search through in that particular category. Who has the time to do that? I think the bottom line is we’re going to get into music that impacts us personally -a band we see down the pub, a bunch of CD’s we borrow off a friend or family member and perhaps via people we connect with online. Depending on circumstance radio will still play a role but it doesn’t have to play a dominant role.


There’s been many a time I get online thinking ‘I hope I can find something I’ve never heard of before, music that I can really get into’, but I end up getting swamped, bogged down and overwhelmed. I feel I’m at an age where I don’t know what I want, or that I’m just not going to be passionate and emotionally involved with music the way I was in my teens and twenties. (Most of my peers are focused on having kids, paying mortgages and listening to talk-back radio). I did discover Lar ‘en ciel, the Japanese band, via Youtube, but they’ve been a big band for decades -like the Japanese ‘Cure’ or ‘U2’.


Maybe that’s why we seem to be in the age of the reunion and comeback tour. You hear every old band from the 70’s up to the 90’s reforming and getting back on the road, because it’s easy for generation-Xers like me to get excited about the bands we grew up on.


Ironically, if the new ‘rock n roll’ is really Myspace, Facebook, ipod and Twitter, then I feel the 30 somethings are participating just as much as the gen-Yers. Some older people seem to think these things just belong to high-school kids and they’re all living in their own world with their own ‘texting’ language posting dodgy photos and comments on Myspace, and twittering to thousands of their friends about whose parent’s house they can meet up en masse and trash, but I believe it’s revolutionizing things on a far greater scale. I mean, if Kevin Rudd is twittering…


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