McDonalds of Music

 Ill4 Macdonalds of music

Sometimes I like to think of many of the popular acts as like the ‘fast food’ of the music industry, the convenient and easy to consume. Not to take away from their talent, I know they’ve all worked hard to get where they have, but it’s music that appeals to the masses and sometimes the lowest common denominator. All the top 40 stuff -Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Avril Lavigne, etc… Even U2 -I’m a fan, but it’s like they’ve become an institution rather than just a band. I’ve bought the odd album, but it’s not like I rushed out to buy the latest.


The thing about the music industry is it is a business, and so pop acts garnish a lot of attention because there’s so much money involved, and there develops this feeling of a pecking order based on units sold and chart positions. The greatest sellers of albums are ‘heavy weights’, worshipped and adored, along with their producers and managers etc…


But do people in the restaurant business revere McDonalds? Sure, it’s revered in business magazines,  but is McDonald’s idolized as gods like top selling artists are in the music biz? McDonald’s make great profits, but it’s not like they make great hamburgers. Big mac’s are convenient, but not worth worshipping. The program ‘Master Chef’ in Australia has broken records with the number of viewers it’s attracted. I don’t think the mystery of cooking a greasy McCheese was on the cards.


Anyway, I’m just speculating. It’s just food for thought. I suppose it’s the ‘musician’s musician’ that is like the ‘top chefs’ of reputable restaurants -great jazz artists or composers that carry that kind of respect. Maybe Miles Davis. And profound songwriters like Leonard Cohen. But in the music industry it’s all about being a pop star…If Paris Hilton can do it…


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