On to net promo…

Sometimes it’s all too much -everyone’s out to promote something. Of course we all are, but I think what matters is the how we do it.

I’m a little reluctant with twitter just to follow someone just because their following me… If you follow 200 people you don’t know, are you really going to read them all? It’s just clutter… Surely you have to have a reason to follow… Surely in the end it’s about functionality, that’s why people will use it. They want to be notified if certain blogs are updated, or breaking news etc…

I’ts the same with Myspace -it’s fun to check out different people’s music and befriend them because you’ve listened to their song… but just blitzing people you don’t know seems pointless, like getting blitzed by hiphop artists you’ve never heard of and the vibe is like they’re really aggressive in self pomotion. I’m not going to become a fan just because you’re aggressive at marteting.

Anyways, this is my light-hearted cartoon take…

Net Promo


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