Rundown on lessons from my homerecording

I thought I would provide links to the posts regarding the stuff I’ve learnt from home recording. 

The first one is ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’, which is pretty self-explanatory.

 The second is to strive for perfection regarding recording the tracks, because even the smallest mistakes can sound obvious.

The third one is about trying to hear the song in your head first, before beginning the recording process.

The fourth post is about keeping good records and notes of each part of the process, coz it can save time in the long run.

The fifth post is about just going for it, and not procrastinating, but use a guide to steer you through.

And the last post, which is meant to by ‘vi’ not ‘iv’,  is about maintaining a balance between experimenting and taking on the philosophy that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

So, my recording experience has been fun in parts, but it was a real eye-opener to how hard you have to work… it’s a lot more than just ‘laying down a bunch of tracks’.

I’ve also come up against my own weaknesses, in that I’m not a singer, but I enjoy songwriting, so I’m trying to express my songs despite this. And the other main issue is that I have no experience with beat programming, just a very basic drum machine and some percussion instruments, so that’s my other main challenge.

Things I’ve really enjoyed are working out and laying down guitar, bass and keyboard parts. I’m not a keyboard player either, but it’s fun mucking around and you don’t have to come up with something complicated to add an extra flavour to a song. They’re mainly used as ‘pads’, as I’ve read in my mixing guidebook, that provide those sustained notes in a song.


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