History of the World Part 1

I thought I’d look at The Damned’s History of the World Part 1  in light of some of the stuff I’ve been reading about making a good mix.

So basically, the foundation is the drums and bass (sometimes rhythm guitar) while the Lead comprises mainly the vocals, but also some lead guitar at the end.

 As for fills, I guess the keyboard jingly riff (and later cello-sound descending riffs in the chorus.

In the ‘rhythm’ (things that add to momentum over the foundation) I figured much of the keyboards and sometimes electric guitar. (e.g. chords in verse)

Pads (sustained notes throughout the mix): Organ sounds, and some sustained distorted lead guitar.

Anyway, I take the ‘five elements’ as a guide -I don’t assume The Damned and the producer consciously said “hey, we gotta have the five elements”. I think it’s a great song though, so enjoy.


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